So, a couple weeks ago, I posted my birth story. I basically went in for induction, pushed for 3 hours, got an infection from the pushing, and ended up getting a c-section due to baby not being able to get past my pelvic bone. Then baby ended up jaundice and had to have phototherapy for 12 hours. I’ve been in recovery from my surgery, it’s been rough. I went in for my first postpartum check and found out I have a blood clot in my left calf. I’m now on twice daily injections (which hurt like hell) for the next 3 months. My OB told me I’m never going to be able to deliver vaginally (due to my small pelvic bone) and if I ever get pregnant again, I’ll have to be on blood thinners (these stupid injections) for the whole pregnancy. I’m so down and frustrated. At 32 weeks I also lost my job. Again, I’m so down about everything that’s been happening to me. I tried to talk to some people about it, but not really getting anywhere. When I was told about the blood clot, I couldn’t stop crying (hormones probably). I don’t have depression, but man I just feel defeated with everything that’s going on. That and I can’t breastfeed because my nipples are too flat so baby won’t latch. We had to supplement with formula and I tried pumping but I’m not pumping enough. And now baby is gassy and screams and cries when eating, pooping, and trying to pass gas. Seriously y’all pray for me, think good thoughts for me, whatever y’all do, I need it.