37w+3d Appearance


Woke up on August 2nd, with plans to do absolutely nothing. My fiancé and I took our 3yo swimming, and my sister tagged along as she’s been helping us with our little man. We stopped over at my soon to be in-law’s afterwards, just to say hi and spend some time together. I’d been having contractions the past two weeks, all of which were 10min apart and would always slow down, never growing stronger. As we were sitting on the back porch at my in-law’s, I could feel my contractions starting again at 4PM. Didn’t think anything of it. I wasn’t timing them, but I had realized they were getting closer to one another, as well as stronger. It got to the point I could not stand them anymore, and I randomly stood up, looked at my fiancé and said, I think we should get going. At this point, I knew it was baby time. We get home, I quickly hop in the shower as we had just been swimming and told my fiancé that we needed to start getting ready to go, and am struggling to function because of the intensity from these contractions. After my shower, I go to dry off down ‘you knew where’, and on the towel is my entire mucus plug and the infamous bloody show. I immediately call the midwife, to which she directs us to head to the birthing center (mind you, I live an hour away). We get into the car a little before 7:30PM. Between 7:45-8PM my water broke, and came gushing out all over my passenger seat in the car. We get to the hospital by 8:15-8:30PM, and I had called to forewarn them that my water had broken and I was feeling immense pressure. We get inside and THANKFULLY make it into a room and onto a bed. At this rate I’m ripping my clothing off because I’m completely soaked. I immediately ask, “can I please get an epidural now?”, the midwife responds, stating “it’s too late now”...so I start freaking out and blubbering on about how I NEED something, literally ANYTHING to help the pain. She offers me Tylenol. Well, after almost passing out and a completely out-of-body experience...I can safely say I totally gave birth naturally to my son who arrived at 9:26PM. 8lb exactly, and 20in long. Jackson Lee. I love you, sweet boy.