New here from the March 2021 group!


Got quite a shock yesterday at my dating ultrasound. Thought I was 7ish weeks based on LMP but found out I was 16!

As a bit of backstory I went off birth control in March when by first child was about to turn a year. I waited for a period that didn’t come but I was still breastfeeding. Took a negative pregnancy test in early April and figured my hormones were just leveling out. Weaned my baby and waited for Aunt Flo to return.

In June I have heavy bright red bleeding for a day, followed by spotting about a week later. I figured that was my first postpartum period followed by implantation spotting and began paying more attention to my cycle that month. Got a BFP July 5.

Meeting with my midwife tomorrow to discuss ultrasound results and what I hope was nothing more than an isolated subchorionic hemorrhage in June.

Quite the shocker! I feel a bit silly for not knowing I was pregnant for months but luckily I am blessed with easy first trimesters. It was a comedy of errors I suppose 🤷‍♀️. Hoping now I I have healthy low risk pregnancy moving forward.

Glad to be here with you, ladies!