I think my in-laws are perverted. Am I right to keep them away from my kids?

I want to keep this as brief and to the point as possible.

I have been with my now fiancé since teenage years. There are several incidents I have personally encountered or heard about regarding my FIL which I find deeply troubling.

-when fiancé was a child, he went to play a kids cartoon DVD which was supposed to be in the appropriate case. Instead when he played it, it was one of his dads porn movies. I’m talking like 5 years old. This happened a couple times

-when my fiancé’s sister had a friend staying over at their house, (minors) his dad was sitting in the kitchen stark naked and the friend saw him (mil didn’t do anything about it)

-encouraged my fiancé and I to have sex as minors. Often ask to smell my fiancé’s fingers after spending an evening with me

-groped my ass as a 15 year old girl

-hosted a “stripper” party for the family with all the kids in the family there. I was 15. FIL gave a strip tease with me as the target

-fiancé walked home to find his adult sister butt naked getting full body spray tan from fil, mil watched on

-they own a family business. An employee was caught stealing and they planned to escalate the matter legally. She claimed FIL was sexually harassing her, then the case was suddenly dropped.

-constantly makes sexually inappropriate comments and clearly enjoys making a woman feel uncomfortable

I could go on. I told them I’m not comfortable with them around my kids EVER. i explained the reasons, and mil along with entire family are sticking by him and maintain I’m a liar

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