late period


context: i’m on the pill, have been for 4 years. i’m a virgin, and have literally not gone near anything that can get me pregnant so that’s out of the question.

I’m 14 days over due for my period, i started taking my sugar pills and by the end of them i’d still not had my period so i’d decided to not start the new sheet until it came because i didn’t want to start the new sheet and stop it coming which would basically then make me skip my period. i’ve done this before and it’s been fine, usually comes a max 3 days later then i am good. but it’s been 14 days. this has never happened, ive never been more than 3 days late on my period on or off the pill.

i was thinking it could be stress and i won’t completely rule it out but it doesn’t make sense to me though i’m not as stressed as usual and i’ve been taking my meds which helps me be less stressed.

any advise?

if it doesn’t come by the time my next period is suppose to come/end i will be going to the doctor but i just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else before or just like advise in general.