Twin pregnancy & Birth, “ New momma”

This is my first pregnancy and its twins, I don’t know a lot about labor especially if it’s twins I don’t know if it’s different so i have some questions! Hope you can help

Did you give birth naturally or c-section? And why? And was your babies in NICU? Or straight home

Did you give birth in month 9 “ week 36-38” or month 8 “week 31-35” and what caused early birth?

Was your birth planned or it was urgent “emergency” due to something happened and what was it?

Did you have any problem or complication during your pregnancy?

Is every twin pregnancy should be bed rested in certain time? Like week 22 and above? “ I’ve seen a lot who had emergencies during second trimester

What causes baby to stay in NICU after birth? Is it only early birth?

Was everything okay in pregnancy and birth was planned in Month 9 but suddenly something happened that caused you to give birth early? What was it?

Does most twin pregnancy have gestational diabetes and does that cause early birth?

Did you have gestation diabetes? What was the plan after being diagnosed?

Anything i should pay attention to in twin pregnancy that might cause early birth or harm?

If you have any other information you could give or advice i would really appreciate it,

I know some would say talk with your doctor i will certainly do but i like to learn from people’s experiences and also educate my self

Thank you!!