Melatonin for almost 3 year old?

Tess • Nari Lyn 11/13/17🎀Emma Rose 3/17/19🎀 👼🏻5/19/19🎀🤰🏻10/4/20

My daughter’s pediatrician recommended trying a little melatonin for a week or so to help get her on a sleeping schedule. So far my daughter, no matter how hard I play with her, fights off a nap during the day even if I turn off the lights and tv. This leads to her falling asleep at 7-8pm and waking up around 10-11pm and then staying up all night till like 4-5am and sleeping in till 12. Orrr she’ll be over tired and refuse sleep in general until 1am.

I was wondering if anyone has tried using melatonin supplements for a short period of time with their kids and it helped put them on a schedule? I don’t like the thought of using supplements but I really need her to get on a schedule because I’m going to have a baby pretty soon.

My main concern is what if I give her these supplements for a week and they help her sleep, but as soon as I stop them her body doesn’t produce enough still and she refuses sleep? I’ve been trying to look into foods and other things that naturally encourage melatonin production but that’ll take time and I’m worried about her little body not getting enough sleep.

Any advice and tips are appreciated!