Could use some guidance


My baby boy soon to be 11 months old has been eating purées since he was 4 months old almost five and has done fine.. now fast forward to about 2 months ago I started to really introduce table food because he seemed so interested and by table food I mean itty bitty pieces of like toast, bananas, some pancakes, he actually does well this those and even eggs.. anyways I give tiny pieces bc I’m so scared he will choke and when I do try and give him more bigger pieces he starts to gag badly to the point he coughs and throws up 🙁 well now I feel like we are at a stand still.. he’s not very chunky as he is more on the lien side but he’s not underweight and he’s meeting all his proper measurements per the Doctor so there’s no worry or concern there. But when I take them to day care and see what all the other kids are eating and how great they’re doing I tend to stop and wonder what am I doing wrong? So I guess I’m asking does anybody have any advice that they can give me or maybe I’m just jumping ahead of myself and my baby boy will get there eventually… and I only say this because sometimes he would rather not eat baby food purées at all in the evenings for dinner and just wants to nurse for the evening.. but daycare days while he is there with them he does just fine with purées and the baby food pouches 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ so idk 😐 thought I’d ask.. hubby thinks it’s because he’s gone a few hours without me and now that I’m home with him he just wants to nurse rather than eat. On the weekends same deal tho he eats well during the day and than come the evening he would just rather nurse.