I hate it

sara🥰 • 19 Braceface😍✨ Goofy 🙃

I hate when I’m on my period I’m so sensitive so me and my boyfriend sitting and the room 15 mins later my mom come and the room

And told us the food is ready he asked me if I’m going to eat I said no he said

Why I said i don’t know he asked me what’s wrong I started crying he come next to me and hug me and ask me what happen

I said nun and stop crying he went to fix his food and came back and the room he was eating and I started crying again he was like what’s wrong bae I know you on your period but you not telling me what going on

So couple mins later he tell me my cousin ,brother and him about to go to the store and he ask me do I want chocolate I said no and then he was walking out the room

I started crying again n he heard me cry he stop and turned around and was like what chocolate you want and I said snickers and he was walking out the room again and he turn around and seen my poppy face and was like what wrong I said I want juice too please he said okay