Ectopic pregnancy?


So I had an ovarian cyst removed in May. Surprisingly, we got pregnant my first cycle after I was fully healed and my doctor said we could try. I actually got a positive test like 4 days before my period was supposed to start. I'm 6 weeks now and I don't have my first appointment and ultrasound regarding this pregnancy until August 31st. I've been having some GI upset (bubble guts), odd heartburn, occasional pain in my left side/ovary where the cyst was removed, bloating and lower abdominal pain. No bleeding. I've always had low normal blood pressure, but it's been consistently hypotension since I got pregnant. I'm not in any debilitating pain, like I feel ok to still work. I just wanted a hive mind opinion on how likely it is my pregnancy is ectopic. Due to my recent obgyn surgery, I know I'm at higher risk. At this point in my pregnancy I definitely feel different than I did with my first. I don't want to let this wait to long and risk damaging my ovary or tubes. But I also don't want to overreact and take off work for an additional appointment if it isn't necessary.