Concerned about 10.5 month old development

So My son is 10.5 months now and I had his 9-12 months check with the Health visitor over the phone due to covid. I mentioned how my son doesn’t ever respond to his name but wasn’t too concerned just yet but said he really should be by the time he’s 1.

After I spoke with her I googled when should a baby respond to his name and it says between 5-7 months and a lot of autism links came up which I then looked into 😣

I know he’s not 12 months yet and realise he could just be behind on this but I can’t help but think Somthing is wrong and I just keep getting upset over it.

Here’s some of the things he does and doesn’t do..

He doesn’t;

Respond to his name.

He’s stopped babbling and just makes more oo aa.

clap, point or wave

Give kisses

Take any notice off anyone around him

He does;

Smiles lots


Engages when I sing to him

Loves anything musical

Plays with toys

Started to cuddle more

Laughs at peak a boo type games

Could someone please give me their opinion on this or any advise please.