Super faint line after miscarriage ?


Hi All.

I will try to cut the long story short. I had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks pregnant .

I had D&C on the 9th of July.

20th of July I took a test to see if there is still hcg in my system . First morning urine there was nearly nothing . I will show you the photo . Ones the bleeding stoped after D&C we tried to get pregnant again as our doctor said there is no point to wait if we are up for it .

Today 5th of Aug I took another test ( same kind, same brand in the middle of the day ) only as I felt a bit funny . I took a photo in time frame . Please help me . Am I going crazy? Is it possible that I got pregnant again ? That quickly ? Or would it be still old hcg in my system? But if .. than why would it get darker? :( :( :(

Thanks in advance xx