38 weeks and 3cm dilated!


Due to be induced on the 10th August, just went in for a sweep to see if we can get things moving before my induction and I’m already 3cm dilated and 20% effaced! No contractions as of yet, fingers crossed! 🤞🏻


Didn’t progress any further had painful Braxton Hicks for about 8 hours after the sweep, and had my bloody show, then all fizzled out over night, went for a second sweep on Saturday 8th. Nothing happened after that one.

It’s now 2am Monday and woke up at 11pm Sunday to painful contractions, they’re about 8 mins apart lasting for 45 seconds. Anxiously waiting to see if they progress before waking my partner up (we were due to go in for our induction at 8am, so we will see if baby has other plans before then!) eeekk and ouch!