My 5 yr old went for covid testing today 😭

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Our oldest started with a sneezing fit yesterday morning. I didn't think anything more than allergies. By the afternoon it was a dry cough. He hardly slept. The wheezing was so bad and his breathing is a bit strained. Called 1st thing and hubby took him in for testing. The nurse could hear him in the background while I was on the phone. She said if he gets worse we have to go straight to urgent care or the e.r. We should have results by Friday at the latest. My heart is totally broken for him right now. Even if he gets a negative result just not being able to do anything or take away his suffering is killing me. I just want my itty bitty to feel better 💗 But let me also say how proud I am of him. He took that swab like a champ. Yes he freaked and when he got home he just needed cuddles and a cry. But he did it! Can't wait to see his smile come back!