Some advice?

So a few weeks ago, i found out my SO had been talking to a coworker of his and telling her he fell for her and blah blah blah, well he came clean and told me everything. They never touched or kissed or anything, they would hang out in their cars before and after work and all that. He said it was all just a game and he never meant any of what he said to her and completely cut her off because he said me and our family were more important than this “friendship”.

He also struggles with depression and he tells me now that the guilt of what he’s done just eats him up and tears him apart every time he thinks about how it made me feel.

Today, he says he feels like we’re going through the motions and he says he feels trapped sometimes because he does the same things day in and day out, wake up, go to work, come home just to eat then sleep. I’m not sure what to do about it. We have 2 kids, a 5 yr old girl (not biologically his) and an almost 1yr old boy (biological).

I want so bad for this relationship to work because i love him so much and he says he’s in love with me too, but he also says that he’s always being reminded of what he did and it kills him. I don’t know what to do.

We’re both taking the whole week next week from work to go canoing and then during the weekend, we’re staying in a cabin. I told him that maybe this will help because i know he’s stressed out from working 6 days a week and hardly getting to spend time with our family, and he won’t have to worry about work.

What do you guys think? I want to try to do something that will bring us closer as a couple and get him to stop feeling so guilty because i’ve forgiven him.