This is my first baby so I have questions!


Does everyone get a blood hcg draw? I called OB to make appointment on Monday and they just said it would be tele-health via zoom on the 24th. I expected labs or an ultrasound for my first appointment. I’m 4+1 today based on ovulation (36 day cycle).

As for symptoms all I’ve had is a lot of mild cramping, pelvic pain (I assume what was during implantation), a LOT of bloating, a tiny bit of nausea/indigestion after eating, and some increased appetite. No sore boobs, no real nausea, no significant increase in smell, no extreme exhaustion.

Anyway, I guess I’m just looking for reassurance? I got my first positive home test 9dpo and now I’m 14dpo and I have taken a test almost every day to ensure they are still positive. I’m also very nervous every time I go to the bathroom that I’m going to see blood when I wipe.

Greatful for any advice and positive vibes ❤️