Would you be angry if your parents made you pay bills and not your sister?

I’m 19, shes 18. We both make about the same amount of money. I’ve been working since I was around 16, to buy myself a car - which I did because my parents told me they wouldn’t help. My sister just got her first job, my parents bought her a car.

Not just that, but they pay her phone bill. I’ve had to pay my own phone bill since I was 16. I’ve also had to pay my own car insurance and maintenance. They pay for all of that for her. I have to buy my own groceries. They give her money for groceries of her own ($200 a month.) I’m getting pissed off at this point because if youre going to make me pay for this stuff, why not her? I’m all for paying for my own things but it’s unfair for us both to be living here and her getting everything handed to her. Any advice.

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