My Best Post Partum Clothes/Fashion Recs!


I wasted money on quite a few post partum items I don’t love — and I’ve learned a lot about what I prefer to wear for smooth sailing while taking care of baby and not feeling completely frumpy, though that’s partly inevitable. Lol

Here are some of my clothing recs for new mommas!

- cute crop tops are your friend! Buy a few and layer them over simple nursing tank tops to add a little fun to what otherwise look like undergarments

- if you’re breastfeeding/pumping, don’t bother buying regular nursing bras. Instead buy all bras that allow you to pump and nurse in them. I messed up by buying a bunch of nursing bras while pregnant and then as soon as baby arrived I realized I’d. We’d to change my bras from nursing to pumping throughout the day. Ugh! Just get the ones that allow to do both up front.

- cave and buy pants and shorts in a size up - you will want loose fitting bottoms while you heal. I fought this and tried to squeeze my butt into pre-pregnancy shorts and it was discouraging. Just get some casual shorts on Amazon in a size up and you’ll actually look forward to getting dressed.

- Kindred Bravely’s bras are great - they have a sports bra that actually makes my boobs look hot, not beastly.

- buy some of the machine washable incontinence undies for catching pee when you sneeze (size up as many run tight)

- invest in a bunch or button-down waffle knot tops (search on amazon or wherever) and button-down nighties or dresses. You can wear them now and later! Just make sure the buttons are functional and not decorative before purchasing.

- but more nursing pads than you think you’ll need so you’re not having to do laundry constantly (those little fabric rounds you put in your bra to catch milk). The slightly cone-shaped ones are best as I’ve used flat ones that don’t stay in place.

- Andie bathing suits have “long length” one pieces. I swear my torso is longer now! This helps so a one piece doesn’t ride up my lady parts.

- high waisted full coverage cotton undies for the win - they hold post partum muffin top in a little and feel pretty cute now that high waists are in

Hope these are helpful to the expectant mommies!