What does a contraction with high pain tolerance feel like?


A few days ago I posted about my fear of not knowing I’m in labor because I have a higher than average pain tolerance. I’m currently 34 weeks and 4 days. For anyone else that has had a contraction before, what does it feel like besides the pain part?

I’m wondering because I’ve been getting pressure on my cervix on and off today. Never really consistent but it’s definitely there. My baby keeps moving and when he pushes himself down it feels like a weakness in my pelvis and cervix. Idk if that’s just him getting into position even more since he’s been head down for a while or that’s a contraction. I’ve also had some tightness in my abdomen but again it’s not consistent. I’ll just get it at random. I had a virtual appointment with my OB today and he said it all sounded normal but I just wanted to ask others with experience as well.