Baby girl measuring big at 35 weeks.


Had an ultrasound and drs appointment this morning. Needed to check my placenta which has been low laying my whole pregnancy, as well as if baby girl moved head down.

Good News!! Placenta has officially moved up and I’m in the clear for a vaginal delivery, and baby girl has finally found her way head down.

We also found out baby girl is measuring 7 1/2 pounds already! I’m exactly 35 weeks today and am 5’0” and relatively petite. Baby girl is already the size my son was when he was born at full term, and I tore really bad and cracked my tailbone.

I’m planning on trying to power through for a vaginal delivery as long as it’s safe for me and baby girl. But oh man I’m about to get torn up from my little chunky girl!

But did I mention she already has the cutest chubby cheeks!! 💗💗