Anyone have yellow tinted white creamy CM in early pregnancy?

I’ve decided to try for #2 and my period is a few days late and yes I know the only way to know is take a test, but I would rather wait a full week that my period is missed first. I’m just curious on if there were any pregnant women or women in general that has experienced this in their pregnancies. Typically in the days my period is due I cramp heavily Days before it starts along with little to no CM. well today and yesterday I had cramping that felt like period cramps but didn’t last as long and wasn’t as intense then later after that felt what felt like I had started my period so I rushed to the bathroom to wipe and it was a huge amount of creamy yellow tinted CM. no blood and no sight or signs of it. I don’t have any infections or itching or burning or odor to it it smelled normal, I know it’s not just a pregnancy thing I get the white discharge but its never right when my period is due and never in such large amounts, when I wiped it literally felt slippery it was so much. My pregnant sister has been experiencing this and she’s 6 weeks, and some tell me its not a sign ( but when you’re pregnant your progesterone levels rise creating more CM so technically it can be a sign? But the fact that it looks kinda like MUCUS not my regular white discharge grossed me out please has anyone had this lolol.