SORRY 4 THE IMAGE/GRAPHIC DETAILS BUT I NEED ADVICE PLEASE! I had a MC and a D&C on July 4th 14, and since then I've had 2 reg cycles tht actually put my body back on a 27 cycle for AF. Now I jus ended Sept 8th making me in my fertile/ovulation window right now. My husband & I have had sex the past 3 nights, 4x total. Now I've heard of ovulation spotting etc, I started slight spotting yesterday, (light pink) to now looking like this. It's not EVERY time I wipe either. I'm jus scared thinking tht maybe I had a missed MC or I dunno what it is! I'm jus extremely stressed scared & nervous because we thought it b safe to try again, and now all this is happening. I'm not scheduled to start AF again for another 14days, so it's confusing me! Advice please on what this could be or what is causing it. Again I am VERY sorry for the picture, I jus have no one to turn too for advice on this!