Every year..


I posted a couple days ago ab having a bad luck month. I hoped it would get better and to make things even worse our dog of nearly 5 years that just had puppies 6 weeks ago was hit last night.

We got her in the very early stages of our relationship, before we knew we would end up married with kids. She was our first baby, she was our daughter’s protector, followed her every where, her favorite thing was babies and now our son won’t get to know her.

August 2018 my husbands 18 year old dog died of old age, we saw that coming, he was old and blind, August 2019 my husbands 8 year old dog died from mourning himself from the loss of the 18 year old dog. Now it’s August 2020 and last night when we let Lucy out to use the bathroom and get her nightly energy out she started barking and growling and randomly took off chasing something. We figured she’d come back by morning bc we live in the country and this isn’t the first time she had done that, she didn’t like when random animals or people would come on our property bc of her babies and our daughter.

Once morning came my husband realized she wasn’t on the porch like she should’ve been so he went to look for her. He came back and the truck tailgate was down and I just knew the worst had happened.

Now all we have of her are her beautiful puppies of which one we’re keeping like we had always planned if she was to have puppies.

If I have to say goodbye to one more of my beloved animals next year I will never own another animal.