Stomach weirdness

So my appetite has been almost nonexistent for several days now and I have had a bit of a slight urgency when it came to going to the bathroom which resulted in a slight odor and cloudiness. I did have sex a month ago but it was protected by condom and birth control pill however he did not ejaculate.

Last week we had sex with the pill and condom and he did ejaculate and immediately pulled out and stopped there.

I have no nausea or cravings or anything falling under the category to believing pregnancy is the answer.

I only started feeling a bit off since several days ago when I went with him to meet his parents and that brought me nervousness and paranoia (cause everyone is scared of meeting the parents)

I know for sure pregnancy isn’t the answer cause he never ejaculated back then. I believe it’s psychological at this point knowing that I’m the type to over think