SAHM rant 🤦🏼‍♀️

Husbands friend said to him, “ your wife is always so concerned about money for someone who doesn’t work.” I’m really annoyed. My husband stuck up for me but seriously? I stay home with our 3 year old. I clean a few houses on the side which pays for my gas or like hair color, new bra if I need one. I make sure my son is cared for, and has everything he needs. I never do anything crazy and barely spend money. My husband works hard and he’s so busy so I make sure the bills, groceries, rent and everything is paid for. I take care of the house, our five animals, and our son. I also take time to help grandparents out if they need and things like that. We constantly talk about finances lately because we are in the middle of buying a house. Im the one handling all the documentation, phone calls etc so I’ve been a little stressed out, just making sure our ducks are all in a row. I’ve also been packing the entire house by myself. I can’t believe someone would have the nerve to say that, just because I’m a SAHM. I have no one to watch my child so it’s not like I can work full time until he goes to school, if even then because we want another baby. Ugh End rant ☹️ why are people so rude?!