Do pregmates give evaps?

All tests within 24 hours because I have no chill and feel like I can see the faaaaaintest lines 😅 I’m testing super early because I just feel pregnant (and I’m impatient, we’ve all been there) but this is my first time using strips and seeing any sort of line for the test line.

Bottom two I’m unsure about:

Top one I was running on empty so not much got on the test

Bottom one, the dye took a minute to get the dye over but once it was done (5ish min), it was solid positive but again don’t know if I should trust it.

I’ve also gotten 2 positive blue dyes but 2

negative frer.

Unsure of dpo but period should be here 5-7ish days.

*blue and fr at bottom were from a couple days prior to strips*