Feeling broken

I haven’t gotten the chance to get a dating scan done the clinic I went to honestly just wasn’t great. I had an over the stomach ultrasound wen I should’ve been about 7 weeks or 6w6d told I was around 4 but it was just a clinic that does testing and verification for pregnancy to get into a real ob so i thought nothing too much of it because I could be off on my days no big deal well once i found out (day of appointment) that they had to order an ultrasound and let me know when I can come back I went to a first look at a private scan and she couldn’t see anything. My heart broke and I’ve been preparing for the worst (should’ve been 9 weeks exactly) she was like is there any way you’re 6 or earlier ? At this point I have no clue I’m just stressing today I start bleeding and went into the er all my blood work seemed perfect then they did an ultrasound and no pregnancy is seen. I already know what’s coming I just trying to hope there is any small chance. The er contacted a better ob and she wants to see me Monday she told the er not to give me anything for misscarriage and wants to do blood work again because she said miracles can happen. At this point I’m completely broken and know I lost my baby.