Upsetting news from Dr.


Alright, I need some encouragement y’all. My partner and I decided that we want to start trying for a baby soon! We were very excited until I went to my OBGYN doctor told me that I will probably struggle to have children because I was born with reproductive organ issues. Her exact comment was “You’ll probably have a hard time, but you have to try and fail for at least a year before we talk to you about other options.” She also added in “You’re obviously overweight” and suggested I lose 15% of my body weight. To add insult to injury she said “IF you are able to have kids. IF you achieve pregnancy, I’m sure you’ll be excited...but we won’t care until after 8 weeks in, understand? There’s no point in even calling until that point.” Damn way to crush my dreams lady.

I know that I’m heavy. But dang. Her tone and lack of tact was jarring and overwhelming. I’m feeling very disheartened.

He and I already planned on losing weight together and eating healthier. Our gym is currently closed because of the virus, so exercising has become a bit more difficult....any advice?? TIA for reading this far y’all. I appreciate you!