Don’t know what to do

I have been with the guy for 7 years we have 2 kids I have 2 from before him. I’ve always made more than him since COVID my income increased Aton. I stay at home with all the kids as the income is from programs to take care of my disabled child. In the last 7 years he has walked out on me 2 times. I mean me and the children come home to all his stuff gone. I let him come back both times. Each time he gets more let’s say lazy and uninvolved he literally has not paid for one thing since he’s been back. Bought groceries once and I bring up the kids need laptops for distant learning he lost it you think I’m buying those I said yes you pay for nothing. His income is 3k a month no bills except gas and cell phone. That’s it! That’s it! I’m paying rent utilities food my bills all house bills everything for the kids. It’s ridiculous so in the last 6 months he is debt free no credit card balances nada. I can’t afford to pay my debt because I hate spend my left over 1k a month when it would be nice be able to buy dinner once in a while or buy myself something which I haven’t done. It’s bullshit. We were talking about another kid now he wants to back out because kids are expensive he wishes I’d accept it. Well buddy how’s a kid expensive to you or are you thinking oh no she can’t financially support 5 kids on her own. I told him if he stepped up and paid half of at least the bills we would be able to afford another kid. Little background he lives with mommy til we got pregnant with our first kid he was 33 mom paid for everything he did not have to pay a dime as of now 2 of his siblings over 40 still live at home pay nothing. Each time he leaves goes there and pays nothing. Mommy furnished a room for my kids. Wtf. Mommy pays for every vacation every out to eat etc. he’s used to a sugar mama.