okay ladies, if im overreacting please let me know. i need others input on this little situation. i’ll give a little backstory so it’s not so confusing. and it’s going to be a little long so please bare w me. im almost 29 weeks and have the cerclage and considered high risk. about a week ago i had brown/reddish discharge, kept an eye on it the next morning it was gone. that was saturday night into sunday morning. the next day (sunday) i went to the bathroom and had a little blood clot come out( mind you so far that had never happened to me throughout my whole pregnancy so far) so i asked my boyfriend (baby’s father) if i should go get checked out just in case (ftm), and he said he didn’t know to call and ask. so that’s what i did, and they insisted i come in just in case to check everything out. that morning he wanted to have sex and i just didn’t, i wasn’t in the mood to. so he gets mad and gets dressed to go to his friends house, which fine you want to get mad cause i don’t want to have sex so be it. and i honestly didn’t message him or anything else besides asking if i should go in or not. when he comes back, he still doesn’t talk to me i don’t talk to him, but they told me to go in just in case so i asked him if he wanted to go w considering something could possibly be wrong and i just needed his support bc i was scared. i had a miscarriage last year in my second trimester so that kinda put into it why i was scared. he said no and when i asked him why he didn’t want to go he said bc i hadn’t talked to him all day and was being a bitch. i then asked him so if something was wrong you don’t want to be there for the simple fact i hadn’t talked to you and was being a bitch? like this is our kid we are talking about, i need your support. he still said he didn’t want to go so i called his mom and she left work to come take me and be w me. i then told him that if he can’t come w me to make sure our kid is okay and everything is fine that i don’t want him in the delivery room when i give birth. he can come in after i just don’t want him there as i give birth. am i wrong to say or think that? i need your advice and help on what to do. he wasn’t there for me when i had my miscarriage and he wasn’t there for me when something could have possible been wrong. i just need to know if i’m wrong to think and say that