Pregnant or chemical? Help please*UPDATE

I’m on the verge of tears—for two different reasons:

1. I feel like I’m going crazy

2. Breaking at the possibility of a loss

I’m unsure of the start of my last period, but IF I was pregnant, I’d be 3-4 weeks. I’ve had the symptoms of cramping, frequent urination, breaking out earlier than usual (I break out the day or two before period), cramping, dull soreness in lower back, constipation, morning sickness, heart burn/acid reflux and, the kicker....

Positive pregnancy tests.

I’ve been getting positive, then negatives, then positive...back and forth for days. They’re faint lines, but a few of them are faint but absolutely positive as the others are a touch of squinters.

I’ve gotten both positive and negatives on blue AND pink dye. The darkest test I’ve gotten was last night (which a ton of you confirmed it with me as it was obviously positive) and since then, I’ve been getting negatives.

If I’m 3ish weeks pregnant, I believe I’d be incredibly early, maybe even 4 weeks (it’s been a couple years since I was pregnant—have two kids already). I’ve never had symptoms THIS strong, THIS early with either of them. I’ve also never gotten a positive test that was inconsistent and didn’t gradually become darker.

I currently have 7 positive tests, and even more negatives. Again, both interchanging in results (literally the wildest shit I’ve ever gone through—never heard of anyone going through this or having 7 false positives) so there was no pattern I could follow or logic to cling to to explain it.

I’m calling an OB tomorrow, but, I wanted to check and see if anyone has been through this too and also because I just really need to not be the only one who knows about this 😔 my husband is 100% in this with me and knows everything and how I feel, but it’s different if you don’t have a uterus as well.



Originally posted this 8/9/2020. Went to urgent care today (8/10) and asked for a blood test. Urine test they administered was negative. They don’t know why I am experiencing this and also have never heard of 7+ *obviously* positive tests (I brought them with to advocate for myself) and I might be the first person to hold that record. Said I should get blood test results within a day or two. I asked if there was a cause for getting positives if I wasn’t pregnant and doctor said she didn’t want me going down that road but it would be super rare forms of tumors/cancers and I’d be showing other symptoms not associated with pregnancy for them.

Will update with results when I get them.



8/12/2020: tested early this morning around 4am when I woke up and vvvvvvvfl. Tested again at 7:30a and again stupid faint line. Thinking I’m going crazy 😭 blood test results were negative. I was with a client so I forgot to ask if it was qual/quan. Also forgot to ask what else could be causing all of this. Period may be coming in a couple days so I guess I’ll wait to see if she shows up. Will update soon.



8/17/2020: period 3 days late. Still tested negative. Got my period that evening 🥴 so thankful to finally have answers and move on for the next cycle 🙂 this was a trip tho lmao