Here are my options


My husband is being a major 🍆 as of lately and I’m done with it. He’s barely cleaning up around the house (we both work full time) he’s yelling at the kids. He’s ungrateful when someone babysits. He comes home all grumpy and the babysitter always feels like they did something wrong. We generally don’t have sex unless I initiate which is actually kinda fine with me because my sex drive is just not there lately. Most likely due to being turned off. He’s not being a good worker at work I can tell his job is frustrated with him. He works hard but he’s constantly being petty about his annoyances. I’m afraid they might fire him at some point.

He’s the worst with my oldest daughter, to the point that she is starting to shut down and I’m done making excuses for him. It’s no longer just because she’s at a difficult age, this is clearly a him problem. He’s not being a quality dad. School, baths, cleaning, laundry, cooking, hiring the sitters, my car broke down and that was on me too, it all falls on me. And like I said I’m working full time too!

I could make a million excuses for him, covid is stressful, (he’s an essential worker on top of everything else) my daughter might be HF autistic (I only say HF because I want it be clear why we don’t have a diagnosis yet) HE might be Hf Autistic (not insulting him) the world is in chaos, work IS hard, etc. I know life isn’t easy. But beyound ALL this. The man has not bought me a gift in two years, not even a card. He doesn’t make an effort to have my attention. Hell, I planned our anniversary date. I’m doing my best to be loyal to him because I’m not a cheater but shoot i feel so lonely sometimes. I keep spelling things out for him but that doesn’t do anything.

He won’t even pick up my wedding ring from the fix it shop.

I’m making him sound awful, like I said there’s layers to this. And I’m not perfect. But I need a big move.

So these are my options, A) kick him out and find sitters for the kids for my entire shifts at work. (I work swing btw)

B) Or leave him with the kids to go stay and my parents for awhile and tell him to figure out babysitting while he works (since he wants to be so ungrateful to the sitters)

C) Or take the kids with me to stay at my parents (means cramming into 1 room) and leave him to a empty house.

Which one would you do?

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