Would you buy this ring or be too afraid to jinx yourself


I’ve had two losses and I want to get something in memory of them. My first would have been a June due date (chemical) and my second a January (ectopic).

I found an antique ring I love with a Garnet in the center (Jan birthstone) and pearls on either side (June birthstone).

My problem is, it has two pearls. Right now we’re waiting to start trying again because I was treated with methotrexate for my ectopic and we have to wait three months for my folate stores to rebuild. If we were to get pregnant the first cycle we can try again I’d have a June due date.

I know it’s just paranoia and stupid superstition but I’m afraid if I buy the ring with two June birthstones I’m setting myself up for another lost June baby.

I would wait to buy the ring until the next cycle if I don’t get pregnant again right away, but since it’s an antique there’s no promise it’ll still be available.

This is so stupid I know, and a ring isn’t going to make me miscarry, but I was wondering if you ladies would also be leery about it.

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