For the parents dealing with colic

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My LO had horrible colic, and her crying fits were so bad it broke my heart. I was using enfamil gentlease but it seemed like it was only making it worse, her face would get red, she'd cry for an hour and be fussy for another hour. Her sleep schedules were all messed up and she would only sleep 20 minutes at a time and wake up with gas pains. We used gripe water, so many different gas drops, the colic hold, burping her every ounce she drank. I mean we tried everything. This is the second day using Nutramigen with Enflora and the difference is amazing! Shes sleeping more, smiling more, only crying when shes hungry. It's expensive, dont get me wrong but its worth the extra money. I'm getting my baby back and its the most amazing feeling ever, so if youre formula feeding and your baby's colic is getting horrible, i suggest using this formula. It has extra probitoics, hypoallergenic, helps with lactose sensitivity. 100% worth the 40 dollars for a 19 oz can.