Pregnacare Him & Her Conception


Both my husband and I just started taking the Pregnacare [Wellman] Him and Her Conception tablets today. Realistically I'm not expecting a lot to happen over the next month or so, but it's a start.

Has anyone had any success TTC when taking these?

Update (27/Aug):

Well, my husband and I finished our first sheet of pills on Monday and started on the next sheet of pills Tuesday. Also on Monday, AF showed up, exactly as scheduled! No cramping or clots so far, and to be perfectly honest, this hasn’t happened to me in a while. Like a loooong while. My period has been painfully irregular since my mid-twenties, so to have it flow like ‘normal’ is incredible. And the only thing I’ve done differently is started taking these. I can only guess I’ve been missing something vitally important in my diet, besides vitamin-D (...or it’s a placebo effect). Either way I think this is as good a sign as any that my body is responding well to these vitabiotics! Still keeping my fingers and toes crossed.🤞I want to make sure my body is as hospitable an environment for my future babies to grow in as our home life is.💖

(Oh yeah, my nails are growing like crazy ...I wish my hair would follow suit, but it’s only been just over two weeks😅)