Mother in law help

So my my partner and I havent had proper us time since December and its really starting to get to me now. His mum lives a bit away from us and has been living with us all through lock down and still here. I love her to bits dont get me wrong but she takes over my house and when I say she takes over my house its when I hoover or clean up she either tells me its not dun properly or cleans up after me..... when I go to work and come home she makes dinner for my partner and herself and I have to make my own as she doesn't ask if I want any. I am not allowed to use my washing machine as she does it and when I decide i am using it she has a go. She splits my underwear and clothes with my partners (I think its incase I fall pregnant..... not knowing we are trying anyway) I am 35 years old and don t live with my own mother so why do I now want to live with his?? He keeps saying to me she is going home soon but until her flights booked I can't believe him. Its causing so much strain on our relationship but its as if he just doesn't care. He is a mummy's boy right enough so maybe just doesnt want to upset her but will happily upset me. All I ask him for is for him and I to do something like go out for dinner or take the dog a walk or anything just for us to spend time but every time I turn round she is there or any time we are going out he makes a point in asking her if she wants to come. One night she walked into MY bedroom without knocking when I was just out the bath and told me I should have clothes on anyway and she didn't know i was there..... seriously knock first and stay out my personal space anyway but if I want to run around in the nude in my house then I will. So if anyone can help me am I being unreasonable asking my partner for him and I time or should I just leave it and hope to get some soon?? Can I also say from January to April he stayed at his mums then brought her home with him in April. Sorry for the rant 😅