is this sexual abuse/assault?


me and my boyfriend have been dating for around two years. he used to be so lovely to me.

until around five months ago everything changed, he’d text less, never call me during the day, stuff like that.

we’d still meet and go to eachothers houses and stuff but things got weirder.

we’ve done stuff before but i have days where i’m not really up for doing anything like that, but he’d force me to. he’d grab my hand and pull it towards his penis, i would try to wriggle free but everytime i resisted he’d just tighten his grip, when i said i didn’t want too he’d say ‘if you loved me you’d do it’ or ‘i’ll just get other girls to do it then’ and ‘i’m not going to finish now just because you won’t help me why are you being selfish’ i would carry on telling him i didn’t want too. no. and stop. he didn’t he’d just wrap my hand around it with his on top and start moving it up and down, at this point i know there’s nothing i can do and just have to close my eyes and pretend it’s not happening. and i get really bad period cramps which he knows, but everytime i have them he doesn’t care and will ask for head over and over again to the point i have to give in and do it because i just don’t feel well and want him to stop, but he’ll push my head so far down that i’ll be sick, but everytime i try to get back up he’ll use more force.

he’ll also try unbutton my jeans until i have to scream no because then he’ll worry his mum will come in. these things have happened on multiple occasions and i just don’t know what to do and i’m just scared of him now.

i know the obvious’break up with him’ but it’s really hard because he’s always been manipulative (i’ve only just realised) so i just feel trapped and i depend on him a lot because of it)