this is my real life (over it)

so my ex has 2 children (6 year old and a few month old) he has me pregnant due next month and another girl pregnant due december. like he’s a pig.

anyways the girl due in december came to rub it in my face how she spends time with him and he gives her things for the baby, which me and him don’t talk and he hasn’t given me shit for the baby. which i don’t care cause the babies not born yet. and she pretty much told me i should’ve gotten an abortion cause he wasn’t ready for the baby he just had. and i’m just like??? i didn’t know she was pregnant till after i was pregnant and i’m sorry but i’m not going to abort my baby because he doesn’t know how to be honest. (our baby was literally planned too!!)

and i’m just annoyed cause she made me seem like i was horrible and disgusting and i did this on purpose and i’m like i did cause i thought me and him were in a happy loving relationship and i would never do that to someone if i knew he was having a baby on the way i would’ve left him!!!! and she says this to me as if she didn’t get pregnant while he had 2 on the way?? like congratulations your man is a dead beat who takes partial care of his first children, only meets you in hotels and to smoke, and buys you some gifts, all while completely walking out of another child’s life? (he told me he doesn’t wanna see his son unless i’m in a relationship with him all while he is living with his second baby mama and i refuse) like you picked a real winner!!

(just needed to rant)

i’m just focused on me and my son like it hurts so bad but i’m trying to just do everything i can for my baby cause he’s the only thing that matters to me right now, i just want him to be here. i love him so so much and i feel so empty without him and i haven’t even met him yet. i know hesgoing to be perfect and it’s his dads loss if he doesn’t want nothing to do with him.