So for starters, I’m not the biggest Kylie Jenner fan. I think she’s pretty. I do follow her on IG. That’s it. I don’t buy her products or anything BUT

Last night I had a sex dream about her. So weird. So random. She looked absolutely beautiful naked. Her titties were perfect, and the color of her nipples were a perfect pink color. Her hair was long down to her waist. Her pussy was clean shaved.

The location was so random. We were in like this hidden desert but there was an underground cave with a pool of water. In the middle of the water the was a square platform where she was laying and I was on top of her, admiring her before we fucked.

Her legs were wide open for me, waiting for me to grind our clits together.

I love giving head but for some reason in my dream, I didn’t give her head lol. Anywho, I remember rubbing my body on hers, and came immediately and hard (if you ever have a wet dream you can feel yourself cum) I remember throbbing hard until I woke up.

I was PISSED when I woke up cus holy shit. It was one hot ass dream.

I don’t know why I had it. Maybe it’s because of the new Cardi B and Meg song WAP. Kylie is in the video looking bomb as ever 🤣

Just thought I’d tell y’all because i have no one else to tell lol.