I don’t know what to do...


Sooo around 6-8dpo, I had what I thought was a light period 8 days early. Symptoms so far has been random nausea, unable to drink any liquor (I don’t even want my favorite wine 🥺), random cramps, slight breast tenderness (not to touch, more like cramps in my boobs randomly?), fatigue, and I had what seemed like a cold.

I assumed that my cycle just came 8 days early when I got 3 bfn’s, one on 9dpo, one on 11dpo, and one at 13dpo. I’m now at 15dpo and just experienced very little light brown spotting. I was sure that I was out, but now I’m not sure. I haven’t had increased urination & I haven’t noticed an increased appetite (I’m bad about eating 😭).

Do you guys think I should test again? I’m just scared to get another BFN and I don’t want to get my hopes up or obsess.