When do you think your baby will arrive?!?!

Kelly • Mommy of 6, should we make it 7?!?!

Do you think baby is coming early, on time or late?

What makes you think this way, symptoms, gut feeling, something the Dr says?

Im 35 weeks and 4 days. I feel like mine will be here within the next week, before the 19th. She is due Sept 12th. Ive had a gut feeling for several months that she will be earlier than her date. Today has been a very "off" feeling day for me. Unusually tired and fatigued, whole body aches, increase in back pain, extra cranky, cleaning things over and over(specifically my stove top lol)I've been taking many rest breaks laying down ALOT. Tons of pressure but not many contractions today. Im hoping to have my cervix checked tomorrow even though I know being dialated doesn't mean much. Past pregnancies I haven't dialated until much closer to to 39 weeks. Now watch me go to 40 weeks haha!