Second IUI need good vibes!

Jenn • TTC #2! Struggling with secondary infertility due to PCOS. Mom of an 8 year old daughter.

So nervous for this one. This is our fourth medicated cycle and will be our second <a href="">IUI</a>.

Unfortunately due to COVID, I am still out of work. So this will be the last <a href="">IUI</a> we can afford for idk how long.

Idk if I’m extra nervous because this is the last time we can afford it. We’ve had good mature follicles every cycle so far.

This month I added Myo-Inositol, evening primrose oil and our doctor started my husband on Clomid as well.

This is the fourth month of 150mg Clomid (cd 3-7), Estrodial (cd 8-12), Pregyl trigger (10,000 mini) and progesterone (100mg) starting cd 17.

Follicle study is in the morning and I cannot sleep at all.

Does anyone have any tips to make this cycle successful? We’re also using preseed since the Clomid makes me dry as the Sahara desert down there.

I just so want this to be our month.