A little help needed, please.

Hey everyone, my husband and i started trying again (properly) this month after a stillbirth in March.

I normally track my period and ovulation on flo but heard this was a good app so wanted to give it a go too. This month we also started using ovulation tests.


Going by flo, I ovulated on the 29th June and due period today.

Using Glow and ovulation test I ovulated on the 27th June and was due my period on the 10th.

I have had nausea, sore breasts, extremely tired and cramping. I had a little spotting yesterday and Tuesday and hoped it was implantation bleeding.

I have tested today and received negative test. We struggled to get pregnant the first time also and were not entirely sure how we managed it as the times we BD'd were not around what could have been ovulation. So now I have no clue as to if all these ovulations tests weve done actually work on me or not even though I got the smiley to say so. With our daughter we had faint positive 3 days before ny missed period and the above symptoms along with peeing a lot. I know things can change from pregnancy to pregnancy though.

Has anyone else experienced this and can offer any advice?

Thank you for reading :)