Did I take it too far???


Okay, so I've been anxiously thinking about baby's arrival during this pandemic. I have a very opinionated family. I knew my plan wouldn't go over well, so I thought about it for some time before making it known. I sent this to them today, because although there is time I don't want them to feel I sprung this on them last minute. P.s. I said no kids because my nephews are always sick it seems. Always sneezing without covering, wiping boogies on hands and clothes... just gross... but I do love them lol!

This is what I sent in our "Girls Chat" with my mom and 4 sisters...

Okay ya'll I've been thinking about after birth!

Reminder my due date is 12/5 but both Ni and Torren came early so I'll let yall know how I'm feeling so you can start distancing if you want.

Baby regs...

1. No kids other than ni and torren can touch or go near the baby

2. Everyone has to wash hands and have clean not worn outside clothes on to hold the little one

3. No kisses

4. 2 week quarantine prior to meeting little one. (I'm iffy about this one but I think it would be safest for the little immune system) that's why I want you to start while I'm still pregnant lol

Responses were

Mom: have you lost your mind?

To which I asked which part and she responded 1-4...

My older sister who has my nephews agreed with 2 and 3, but said her boys can touch the babies feet when they wash their hands, and everyone wear face masks instead of quarantine....


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