Boyfriend troubles

We have been together almost 11 years, he says he wants to get married but here we are still just boyfriend/ girlfriend. We have 1 son 18 months old. We are both 36. Just moved into a house we are buying last year (we had $15,000 gifted to us for down payment from my father)

My problem is that my boyfriend does not help me whatsoever. No cleaning, cooking, taking care of our son nothing. He is super lazy. Unless it means him going out drinking with his friends. Like he’s 21 with no responsibilities. We both work. I am currently working 6 hours a day/ 6 days a week. He is 7 hours a day/ 5 days a weeks. We are in desperate need of more money. So I offered to get a new job (currently work for my dad and bring our son with me so no childcare needed) he doesn’t want me to do that because he would “never get rest” if he’s always watching our son, but I do it all day everyday. He won’t even cut our grass, my cousins husband comes to do it fo me. (Actually my cousins husband does more around our house than my boyfriend). My boyfriend has never gave our son a bath, changed a diaper, put him to bed nothing. I’m at a loss. What do I do? I’ve talked to him several times, his mother even talked to him.

Am I wrong for wanting to give him an ultimatum? Either he helps more or I’m gone?

I found out today that they have been offering him more hours at work and he told them he didn’t need them but we are swimming in bills. 😩

***The house is in my name already.

*** also he definitely wasn’t like this until about the middle of my pregnancy. He used to help out and worked two jobs at one point because he had goals but now he does nothing