Brittany • TTC 2nd child, on Metformin for PCOS

kinda freaking out a little. when I went to the doc a month ago I was diagnosed with pcos and had a thick uterine lining that she wanted to try to get rid of. she gave me a 10 day progesterone pill. went to the doc yesterday and the lining isn't gone. I'm only 23 so she doesn't think I have cancer but she is putting me on a stronger medicine called megace to try to clean that out. if it isn't gone when I go back i have to have a biopsy. I have read a lot of side effects saying it causes weight gain which I definitely don't need right now. after 3 years ttc and finding all this out I'm just frustrated and want to be pregnant.

just really needed to vent.

does anyone have any experience with this drug? hopefully some success stories?