Cheating, forgetting

Okay so my boyfriends. Marine and we had literally not seen eachother in person in two years until last December, we saw eachother but only got 4 hours together so we did our thing if ya know what I mean and them went on a cute date& what not but then he had to go to a different state where his family was and two days after seeing me he slept with two girls in one night and got pissed at me for not trusting him and told me I was just jealous and insecure until he told me bout it , so 4 months later we get to see eachother and he tells me he wants me to meet one of the girls he slept with to prove to me that it ment nothing and there just friends or whatever I got really pissed and he got mad about that, it's been 10 months and it's still nothing me, I still just in the back of my head fill like he had something for her that he didn't with me because he would talk to her when things where going bad between us. How do I get over it and an I over reacting?