This is goodbye..


I am sitting in an er exam room as I type this, fully prepared to hear that I am miscarrying my baby. I came in on Friday morning due to spotting I had Thursday night but it had stop before I went into the er. I still went to make sure baby was okay. They did an ultrasound and said they only saw a sac and HCG was 781. I still had hope because the bleeding had stop. Well tonight, Sunday, I had really bad cramps and back pain. Went to the bathroom to see more bleeding, this time a little worse than Thursday night. I’m now here again in another exam room. Alone, while my bf has to wait in the car outside because covid guidelines can’t allow him here to be with me for support. So I have to endure this, alone. So this is goodbye and good luck to you fellow April 2021 mommies. Please pray for me during this difficult time.