Parenting advice please


My boyfriend and I decided to call it quits we have an almost 8 month old and I’m due in December with our second child. He doesn’t help me much with our child. I do everything my boyfriend has changed like 5 diapers since my son has been home from the hospital. He doesn’t put him to sleep he won’t even wake up to our sons cries in the middle of the night. He insists on just putting our son in a jumper and playing video games and ignoring him. He plays softball Tuesday though Thursday’s from 6-9 ! He smokes in the bathroom which I’ve yelled at him a million times to stop doing! He refuses I’m just fed up! Well now he said he wants 50/50 custody and I can’t even trust him with my child for an hour what do I do! My son is my everything I don’t want his father to be out of his life I just don’t think his father is a good dad he hasn’t grown up and I don’t think he ever will. Advice?