A little encouragement 💕

I just wanted to share these words with you all...copied from a friend who has gone through the adoption process more than once.

"There was a statement made in one of our many classes or books we had to read in preparation for our adoption. It said that a baby room in an orphanage will be the quietest place you can ever be. The babies very quickly learn that if they cry nothing happens, so they simply give up and stop crying. They lay hungry, wet and dirty. They know no one is coming.

So mammas and dads of little babies, feel good when your baby cries. It means you are doing a good job, you are meeting their needs. They trust you and know if they cry someone will take care of them!"

I just wanted to share this, because I know that sometimes we may get frustrated from the constant touch, constant holding, nursing, etc. I know I often feel burnt out and like I must be doing everything wrong. It's sometimes frustrating to hear your child call for you, especially when you have done everything you feel you could have done. Don't always look at their cries as a bad thing...they still cry because they know you care and will do everything in your power to make it better. ❤